Benefits of iLog1

-Helps you track and lose weight.
-Allows you to track your diet.
-Help Diabetics track their blood Sugar.
-Helps you make better diet decisions.
-Graphs your weight loss.
-Tracks your weight training.
-Track all your cardiovascular workouts.
-Track all your Yoga and stretching exercises.
-Helps to keep you motivated to exercise, because you have to enter data.
-Track your housework, like vacuuming and laundry.
-Allows you to stay on top of your wellbeing.
-Track your school work, either time on big projects or the time spent on a subject.
-Track the time spent on different things at work.
-Track your sleep.
-Track your moods, great for keeping a record, especially if you see a councilor. 
-Helps you manage your time better for work, school, and home life.
-Manage your time for sleep, resulting in better length of sleep.
-Motivates you to stay on track by seeing results with graphs for weight loss.
-Motivates you with results in body fat loss and girth measurement reduction.
-Better caloric intake by watching the caloric daily graph.
-Keeps you on track with your goals, store any goals that you have in life.
-Learn why you have bad moods, could be bad diet, lack of exercise or sleep!
-Auto-calculates your BMI
-Auto-calculates your body fat after you plug in your skinfolds.
-Also stay motivated with the distance and speed graphs for your cardio exercise.
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The iLog1 one is the best app for tracking your overall wellbeing.  Listed in the following paragraphs and pictures, are the ways in which iLog1 functions for your benefit.  First, here is a story about how this powerful app can change your life.  

Many people that try to live healthy, think that they eat right and exercise right.  Well, there is more to the equation to being healthy than just eating and exercising right.  But let's just start with those two for a second.  If a person comes into a gym for training and diet advice, they usually say that they are in good shape and eat pretty good.  Turns out their goal is to lose the weight that they have not been able to drop for the last couple years by exercising and eating the way they have.  They proceed to say that they walk everyday and they do some ab exercises when they are done walking. In reality, this is not enough to drop weight, especially after looking at their diet journal they logged on iLog1 for a week.  Even they agree that they did not think that their diet was so bad.  The point of this story is to let you in on the lesson or secret.  You will not be able to control where you are going and change where you are going if you do not know where you are coming from.  Look at this example that is seen everyday in gyms across the country, the person finally realizes that their diet is not what they thought it was once they started tracking it.  The snacks they forgot about, the amount of food they ate at each meal, etc.  This is why iLog1 is so powerful, it allows you to see where you are coming from, and then you can make positive changes to your life to attain the goals and dreams you have set for your wellbeing.  iLog1 also allows you to track other areas of your life that are beneficial to your overall wellbeing.

Personal trainer, author, speaker, and network marketer, Robert Jay Martin has invented a new state of the art app called the iLog1.  iLog1 is now for sale in the iTunes store, 
 for $2.99.  iLog1 allows users to digitally document and track their diet, workouts, sleep habits, house/school work, mood and countless other types of information. It is the first app of its kind available for use with the iPod, iPad, and iPhone.  Just Go to the app store on your iPhone/iPod touch/iPad and search iLog1 and download!

The additional charting capabilities of the iLog help to reveal trends in user’s overall health and fitness, including their sleep patterns, and their BMI (Body Mass Index). The app also functions as a chronological log where users can record almost anything they desire.

Like most inventions, the product is the result of an issue that the inventor has been affected by in his day- to-day activities. Robert invented the app and navigated it through the production process because of the massive amounts of paper he was swimming in personally and professionally. “Necessity really is the mother of invention,” said Robert.

“As a personal trainer I was looking for a way to follow the progress of my clients, and I needed a way to track many aspects of my own life in addition to my exercise regime without using tons of paper. I had a hunch that people worldwide, in all walks of life, were struggling with this same problem. So it only seemed natural to develop a versatile solution utilizing the advanced technology that is accessible worldwide,” he added.

The adaptability of the iLog allows the program to be used by many different segments of the population including but not limited to, cyclists, runners, walkers, coaches, sports psychologists, weight lifters, dieticians, swimmers, therapists, counselors, doctors, and personal trainers. Large corporations can use the iLog to monitor employees participating in health incentive programs. It is also a valuable tool for individuals looking to monitor their weight loss and/or begin exercising.

While this is the first app that the Robert Jay Martin has invented, he has been interested in and involved in health and fitness throughout his life. In addition to writing a book titled, F.I.T. You WILL Make YOU Succeed!, Robert holds a BS degree in Biology from the University of Detroit-Mercy, and he has also been certified by the National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA) as a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS), and by TRX® as a Suspension Trainer.  Robert is a  Personal Trainer at the Spring Lake Community Fitness and Aquatic Center, Snap Fitness, and through his own home-based business, Robert has been transforming the lives of couch potatoes and those who are looking to lead a healthier lifestyle for years. He has worked with clients as young as age eight and old as 90! 

The iLog app does a whole lot more than the pictures show, get yours soon!  Start today by tracking your wellbeing for a better future!

Pop up screens in the iLog app let you choose different items.

The iLog app Splash Screen!

This is how the iLog app stores recorded info.

The iLog app graphs, this is the calorie graph!

iLog automatically calculates your BMI!

iLog app has an awesome tool for recording time and date!

iLog app allows you to track your measurements.

iLog will auto calculate your body fat %!
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