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My name is Dana Gonzalez, and I have been training with Rob Martin for the past 2 years. He has been instrumental in changing my lifestyle for the better. Rob cares about his clients and helps them meet their goals. The combination of Rob’s nutritional advice and weight and cardio training has greatly improved my health. My blood pressure has dropped 20 points, I’ve lost 90 pounds and I have so much more energy. And, at the age of 47, I started running 5k’s! His coaching works and I’m living proof of it.

-Dana Gonzalez, Spring Lake, MI

So- I have been following your newsletter in hopes to get back in shape after surgery and having yet another back surgery. Here is what I have done and the outcome. I started October 1, 2012. I stopped eating sugar (unless natural) I stopped caffeine, carbonated beverages, I only eat lean protein hardly any starch. Lots of vegetables and fresh fruit. Switched to soy milk and no red meat. No processed foods any only green tea and only decaffeinated beverages. The out come.... i was a size 22 then (yikes), today a size 12. Down 72 lbs! I feel awesone. My skin is brighter and healthy, my attitude is great, my energy is up, and my back is healed. Pretty amazing for 3 ish months! Whoo hoo thanks for doing what you love and sharing with us..it does make a difference in people lives!

Wendy, Spring Lake, MI

I want to give an @ A Boy to Robert Jay Martin aka ExcerciseManFitness. I have been doing His workouts this week & They are AWESOME! I can say this because every morning I wake up on My back with My ankles crossed & My hands behind My head. YEP! Exhausted when I go to bed & Well rested + Full of Energy when I wake up. 

LANDO CALRISSIAN, Turning Back The Clock

Damion Locke


Just wanted to say THANK YOU for all your great posts on social media. They really help me stay focused and motivated! And your healthy eating tips are great! I am officially down 2 pant sizes!

Mindy Martin, Nunica, MI

Been meaning to say thanks for your 8 deadly ingredients video.  Not sure if Wendy mentioned anything or not, but back in January we finally threw out all the junk we had with one of those ingredients and are even more label conscious than previously.  We have lost weight, sleeping better, feeling much better, and even noticed an improvement in our kid's moods and behavior.  So we're hooked, getting some exercise outside with the kiddos when the weather isn't too terrible to take them out, and getting more conscious about how we are treating our bodies.  Thanks for the amazing info, it is making a difference in our lives, and wanted you to know.

Richard Chapman, Buchanan, MI .

Love love love your workout routines, tips, and coaching!

Nadira Kharmai, Caledonia, MI

I would just like to say thank you for everything encouraging, motivational & informational that you share. I'm pleased to say that myself and my sister have re-evaluated how we do our grocery shopping! She called me very excited tonight to tell me that she was at the grocery store seeking out all of the foods that didn't have those 8 ingredients you listed and she came out very well, she is excited for her new healthy living lifestyle! She runs a large daycare as well...so there are 12 healthier kids thanks to you! Keep on posting, you never know who you might affect :)

Dana Blust, MI

After my brain surgery for a grade 3 malignant brain tumor, I hardly had the ability to walk. Thanks to Robert Jay Martin, and my own dedication, I can now jog up to 10 miles & am aiming at a marathon. Thank you, Rob.

Tom Carroll, MI


Rob, I lost five pounds thanks to one of your Facebook posts. Should I technically be billed or something for that? :-)

Thank you!

Julie Swanson McCormick, Fredericksburg, Virginia

I bought your book in late January 2012 and weighed 232. I changed my diet and implemented a reasonable fitness routine, nothing drastic at first (I'm 36 with some painful joints). I'm now 205 with lots of energy and my mental focus at school has improved. My goals are basically to live healthier and enjoy a higher quality of life, including trying to be a better person everyday. Thanks Rob!

Matt Mason

Hey Rob, I see your stuff in my newsfeed all the time, and I appreciate it! It really is motivational on those days when I just don't want to hit the gym or am thinking about just ordering pizza and not making healthier food at the house. 

Even though we only trained for a little bit together it really got me into being serious about my shape. 

I now can easily do 100 pushups at a time, i max out around 24 pulls ups, and can run the 2 mile in around 12 minutes it has totally changed my life, and I hope you will be able to continue to change other peoples lives like mine!


Matthew Kufta, Paris, France

My name is Zach VanDyke and I have been training with Rob Martin for almost two months this summer. Rob has been a great help to me in every aspect. I started going to him hoping I would lose weight and get into great shape for my upcoming senior football season at Muskegon Catholic Central. All thanks to Rob’s training, I lost 16 pounds and I have increased my bench press max from 225 to 260. For football in the summer we have team running which is usually very difficult at the start, but since training with Rob it has been easy for me. Not only did he help me with new workouts, but he also helped me plan a much healthier diet. Rob made me a great deal stronger, faster, healthier, and got me into overall better shape. Rob’s is the best workout I can get and the one place that I can really push myself.


One of the many great aspects of using a trainer, and you in particular, is the impact of your switching up the workout when I've plateaued. This new, all kettle bell is a MONSTER crusher. I can't wait to get back to the gym this afternoon. Thanks again for your MASTERY.

Scott Ladd, Spring Lake, MI


Just wanted to drop you a quick note to let you know how much I appreciate your help in obtaining my fitness goals.  In the 3 ½ months since I have been working with you, I have dropped approximately 15 pounds without actually changing my eating habits.  I attribute this loss to lifting weights 3 times a week under your guidance.  I have always maintained a healthy cardio lifestyle, but have never actually stuck to a weight lifting program.  Also, with the program you have established for me, I have obtained an "excellent" body fat level.  When I first started your program, my body fat was 28.2%.  After only 3-1/2 months, my body fat has dropped to 17%.  With your help, I have obtained the goals I was striving for.  I look forward to training with you in the future and will recommend you to friends and family.   

Thanks for making this fun for me! 

-Lori, Spring Lake, MI

Rob is very knowledgeable about Health & Wellness. I have worked with him and known his family for years. Great guy and would be happy to refer Rob anytime. 

Christine Wade, Spring Lake, MI 

Simply put, Rob changed my life.  


"When I started working out with Rob I was a stressed out 30 year old parent of 

three young kids with a bad back.  I was also fat, 5’9” weighing 206lbs.  Over 

the last 11 months I have undergone an amazing transformation.  Thus far I’ve 

lost 19lbs, but probably twice that in body fat.  My body’s allocation has 

changed the most dramatically. I’m stronger, less stressed, have more energy, 

and no back pain!


Rob’s workouts are challenging, but not overwhelming.  My plan was an entire 

body workout, twice a week with a completely new routine every eight weeks.  

This kept it interesting and helped me avoid the plateau that comes from 

overworking the same muscles the same way. 


I can’t remember the last time I made it through a week without hearing someone 

say they have noticed the changes.  I never get tired of hearing, “wow you look 

great” or “have you lost weight” or “are you working out” and who would? 


Best of all is the mental benefit that comes when you KNOW that you can change 

your habits for the better.  Having the piece of mind to know that, although 

stressful times will come, you’ve equipped yourself to deal with it.  Knowing 

that you’ve allowed yourself to enjoy your wife and kids more because you have 

the energy to do so.  Simply knowing that you are healthy.


Simply put, Rob changed my life…with my help!"  


Clint Myers

Nunica, MI 


Always a pleasure to work with you, thank you for your help.  I have lost 20 pounds in just under 2 months.

Dan, Spring Lake, MI

My husband smacked me on the a** and commented on how nice and firm my butt is since I have been working out with Rob.


I suffer from a very painful bone disease that, I'm sure Rob can remember, 

always had me in a cast, on crutches, or otherwise injured since I was a kid. 

40+ broken bones and 10+ surgeries for bone repair. Recently it's been herniated 

disks in my spine and a degenerating hip that needs replacing. Because of this, 

I've gained weight and lost energy and mobility. Rob's simple workout videos he 

posted a while back with the low impact workout ball has been nothing shy of 

fantastic for helping me regain mobility and reduce my pain. My doctors approved 

his methods as a great way for someone of my health to have a form of activity 

without further risk of injury. Thank you Rob for being so passionate about 

health. I cannot wait until I can do more and look forward to the help your book 

will provide when I'm able.

David VanBogelen, Muskegon, MI

"I would like to share with you the experience I had training with Rob Martin as my speed trainer for the past 16 weeks.  First I would like to say in my job as a police officer, it is not only extremely important to stay fit but also to have a combination of speed, endurance and strength to be able to keep up and stay in control.  By combining his outstanding knowledge of the concepts and techniques associated with speed and endurance training, Rob consistently motivated me to work harder with every minute that I spent in the gym. Rob starts with a thorough evaluation to determine specific imbalances or weaknesses that you have then creates a program to address those areas so you can achieve optimum physical health.  Because of Rob's set program and knowledge of what he is doing, I am currently running faster at a longer distance at age 41 than when I was at age 31.  As an athlete and a  police officer where physical fitness plays a huge role, it is nice to know that a trainer like Rob Martin is here to assist and make me a better person both physically and mentally.  If you want results and not just talk, Rob Martin is the trainer you are looking for."     

Sgt Michael Kasher 

Police Officer for 19 years

Norton Shores, MI

My "Bye Betty's" have reduced in size because I have been training with Rob, now when I wave, my upper arm does not!


Thanks to your work with David last year, he had a pain & symptom-free 

Fall tennis season.  I'm not sure how much you remember (other than David 

not being as overall conditioned as is ideal and practical).  Two tennis 

season's ago, he developed a case of tennis elbow and patello-femoral knee 

pain.  I came to the conclusion that as David isn't particularly physically 

active during the non-tennis season part of the year, that going from that 

level to the much higher level that competitive tennis demands was the culprit.  

This also meant that having him work with you allowed him to achieve a level of 

physical conditioning that permitted him to compete free of symptoms. 

Beyond that, many of his tennis matches would be all day affairs involving 

three matches.  This would demand performing for a range of  four to five 

and a half hours of play.  He had the conditioning and grit and was never 

noticeably more tired than his opponents.

    His fourth, and last, year of tennis was (in my humble opinion) his 

best.  Not only was it his most successful in terms of wins, but there were 

several times that he just totally performed as never before.

    Your help working with David was never forgotten by Mary (David's mom) 

and me.  I'm sure that David was thankful also as he's a sensitive kid who 

knows when he is being helped.  However, teens are not noted for frequent 

expressions of overt gratitude.


Bob Boyer

"My name is Brian Dirkse. I am a 36-year-old married father of 6-year-old twin girls. I started weighing 321 pounds. And 13 months later I weighed

243.2 pounds.

I met with Rob Martin and we did the assessment. We talked about nutrition, my goals, and a lifestyle change. Rob showed me the equipment and we talked about what would fit me best. Then Rob put together a plan. I lost 25 pounds the first month. Rob was continually supportive in the weight room and with the cardio. We continued to work on my routine and change it a little as I got more involved. Rob was always there to answer any questions and has given honest, straightforward answers. I lost

10 pounds the second month and continued to lose 5-10 pounds every month. I made my goal of losing 50 pounds by the end of the year.

Rob continues to answer questions and has been a huge influence on me in reaching my goals. His knowledge and experience has been an asset in my understanding that the day-to-day battles are important, but that the long-term commitment to a healthy life should be the main focus."

-Brian Dirkse, Fruitport, MI